Friday, May 09, 2008

Colorado Art Ranch

I am currently staying at Marabou Ranch in Steamboat Springs CO. I imported 86 Volant skis, and have chiseled, razored, scraped, stripped and sanded every ski into one homogeous group of stainless steel beauties. This work has been completed at the Kettel Barn, or Ranch shop. Soon I will instal a sculpture wrapping a tree about 25 feet tall. The location has yet to be determined, partly due to buracratic bottlenecks and sticky red tape...

One note of hilarity are the archery targets. Made of dense foam, these assorted mountain lions, pigs, elk, and antelope were recently mauled by a bear. The fake animals were attacked viciously on their throats, hamstrings and other crucial areas. The remedy - Great Stuff! an expanding foam which can be carved down and painted. The result- animals bandaged like impromptu patients to help contain the voracious foam.

Stay tuned for the next episode of this adventure, "The scraggly tree gets a corset!"

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