Thursday, September 28, 2006

Arches in action

These are 15 foot lamp posts. We have hooked them up to Matt's winch to make life easy as cheese. This was a test to see how we could lift the arches. Alot was learned and now we move forward.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Pop till you Drop

The financially sustainable show. Weehoo!!! So here is the deal. This show was aimed at providing an experience so tantilizing you would sell almost anything to be the one person allowed in. 2500 Balloons filled a space. Two gloves covered with 600 tacks a piece. An auction where items or services are donated to me. The person that sells the item or service for the highest bid gets the gloves. Time is money, so if the highest selling item was 24 dollars, you get 24 seconds in the room with the gloves.

Crazy Steve donated an iPod nano with headphones, speakers, and charging bay. It sold for $180. This donation came out of left field, after Steve donated 5 hours of labor, trying to get the gloves. His labor went for $15. The second highest item was a service by Dina. Within 3 hours of a call, she would bake a fresh apple pie and deliver it to your doorstep, any time of day or night. This went for $23, and Steve decided to give Dina the gloves. $180=3 minutes, after which Dina emerged from the room a changed person. About 150 Balloons remained for everyone else who participated to enjoy.

Monday, September 11, 2006

This is where I plug in

After some careful but militant calling, these lamp posts were officially borrowed from Alfred State College. It is a beautiful thing when large scale work is made for free. This will hopefully be the focus and scope of future work, for what is better than not paying for something that others don't pay for. Art shouldn't be about commodity or fashion. Experience is the strongest memory.
What would you do with 45 fifteen footers and around 60 25 footers? Iterations include giant wheels, a landscape, wind mills, blades for wind mills, stilts, bird nest poles, and recently the yellow jelly sling shot....ha just kidding

Eventually, the project will get out of hand and draw in people from disparate realms to collaborate on something way out of their league....wait, this is now and engineers and artists are coming together to develop alternative wind energy to fuel motion detecting lights for the individual arches, providing a most interesting experience walking through the tunnel....hmmm