Friday, August 17, 2007

Sustainable Design Residency

Recently submitted-A Sustainable Design Residency proposal to DuPont. Maybe the idea will develop into a couple month stay at the Corian® factory in Buffalo NY. If implemented, I would focus my attention on immedaite and long-term solutions to reduce the quantity of waste, specifically flashing from injection molding, sent to the landfill.

Whew. That was about 3 months of pondering about the possibility. Lets wait and see what happens...

Might as well post an image as well to keep it exciting. A view from the top of the Sleeping Indian in Jackson WY.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sucker Rod Adventure V2

We are going to Burning Man and these pieces of steel are coming with us. Sucker Rod is used in the middle of Wyoming, among other exotic places, to drill oil wells. The sections are connected together and the ropey quality of the steel enables it to snake down deep holes.

Ian, Avery and I started experimenting with a structural system to utilize the sucker rod as a shade sculpture on the playa of Burning Man.

Soon enough, a hot air balloon will cover the skeleton, and the wind test will begin. It is hopeful that a week long test of the sculpture will reveal all the kinks we need to work out in the last week before we leave for the desert of northern Nevada.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Burning Man and a Balloon

Well, it looks like there has been a change in plans. Previous to the month of August, our little group of friends planning a trip to Burning Man was semi nebulously focused on rennovating an old school bus to take to the festival. Ha. Our realization that no one knew mechanics, or anything about a bus came slowly and surely. There was brilliant talk of chopping the bus in half to make two trailers, and even inserting a rustic Jackson cabin betwix the two, but these thoughts were tainted by a lack of motivation and group energy.

Just about 36 hours ago I found myself standing in a field. Interesting? Well this field is home to the Wyoming Balloon Company, and I was there to purchase a decommissioned hot air balloon. Luckily I met with the owners niece, and being into the arts (a dance major) she sided with my thoughts on a new use for an old balloon. We will cover a gigantic sculpture with it, and walla!

Brian Carpenter and I spread the balloon out on my lawn. The material cost $160, and this was for 1/2 of a 250,000 cubic foot balloon. I can say with confidence we don't need any more.

The plan is to use the rest to give a hammock making clinic at Burning Man as a gift to the community. We will invite others to take a piece of the balloon and make a hammock, and maybe give away Ping Wu Hammock guides...