Sunday, October 28, 2007

Savita- An uncommon experience

Savita is an eco community of a few like minded individuals whom devote their energy to the pursuit of purpose. With grand plans for an earthship that challenges the square, the architectural feat will be home to many flowing curves and well thought out areas.

In the midst of the activity, the Gubbs showed up on their travels as a Targa Rally finish timing crew. I joined them for a morning of timing rally cars as they sped past the finish line. All this was at the base of Mt. Taranaki, and a good day to see the mountain. Bonus Fact: Mt. Taranaki recieves around 7000 mm of rain anually so a good day is a great day!

My primariy occupation at Savita was designing tire stairways and retaining walls. This activity was carried out with the help of 3 other Wwoofers, one named Shun from Tokyo, and a french couple named Rhenaud and Angel. The 'stairway to heaven' is a full 20 steps tall, and consumed about 250 tires. Its a good thing tires are a abundant natural resource of the 21st century...

A memorable moment will be the gorse burn. Gorse is a hedge plant from Scottland that was imported as a cheap hedge. It spread everywhere in New Zealand, and soon the prickly, ugly downright nasty plant covered many hillsides instead of native bush.

The night started with a chant in the meditation temple, afterwhich we equipped ourselves with diesel torches. Atop a hill the torches were lit and 5 of us proceeded to burn as much gorse as possible. Soon enough we were feverishly scampering through goat paths with the flames licking at our heels. It was a task for pyro-oriented tire-obsessed mates pursuing purpose in a community of like minded individuals.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dr. Melva Martin and her farm

After pedaling through torrential wind and rain storms, akin to stopping ole Lance in his tracks, I made my way along the coast to Waitara for lunch. Coincidentally, this was also the hometown of Dr. Melva Martin, whom I had arranged my next stay with- all things bueno!

Melva is full of determination and spirit, founding and developing New Zealand's first Natropathic College. While this served her well, Melva is moving on to pursue farming blueberries, fejoas, cultivating native trees and constructing a retreat center. Once all the business is done, she will live a 'crusie' lifestyle, which is admirable.

Initial plans were concieved to construct a chook house from tires, building on my previous expereince at the Earthship. However, this plan has developed into a meditation seating area, poised next to the creek and amongst a native tree grove.

Coming up...the finished product!

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Gubbs Earthship

Made from 10,000 or so recycled tires, the Gubbs Earthship is quite a feat of pioneering sprit. 'Kandoit' is the title of their effort and it looks like the project is progressing slowly but surely.

Most, if not all of the Earthship, is created from recycled materials including: pavers, air filters, lumber, cans, and so many more ingenious repurposed materials.

Coming up- A mini earthsip for chooks at the Rainbow Retreat...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Auckland and the little cat

At approximately 5:45 am, the bohemouth 747 shuddered to a stop in Auckland International. After a quick clean of my shoes in the biosecurity checkpoint, I wandered about with a large bike box and duffel, obviously without direction. Soon enought David Stillaman, whom I had met on a cycle touring site, approached me and off we were for coffee and a crossiant.

David has a little cat, which incidentally is its name. To keep things short and simple I'll say adio until I see a house made of tires...