Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The final step...

Here we are. Signing a building permit. Hopefully it was all worth it. Hopefully the planning board thinks so as well. Hopefully the residents of Alfred are cool with what we have developed over the past 3/4 of a year. Ahhhhh.

And here are some final renderings of the site plan and whatnot

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Senior Show

Well things are shaping up for now. Matt Rink and I submitted our show application. We used Google Sketchup to its full potential and fully dimensioned the space we are interested in and photoshopped the final image back into the location. Fun stuff, but there is competition for the space, so we will know in a few weeks who will be in the space.

We might be in for it though. This is right out of the movies. The large installation of Lamp Poles has been approved for several locations. The prime rib is Merrel Field.

The beef is that we won't know if we can use it until April 29th, because the Womens Lacrosse might be going to a championship, and they use the practice field to practice, yup. If they qualify for the Empire 8 championship, we won't be able to install a 250' long sculpture with phosphorescent capabilities in this prominent location. Dah. Omnipotent, I wish I was, however last season the team had to forfeit because there were only 7 players. Maybe there is a way we can all work together... Extreme Lacrosse in the presence of a massive sculpture...hmmm

The secondary fall back location is the field in front of Harder Hall. This will require us to plot the arches on a curve through trees and that could get quite insane logistically...

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Village of Alfred Planning Board Presentation

On February 1st, COTTA and The Alfred State Architecture Club made a presentation to the Village of Alfred Planning Board. This was COTTA's second appearance, and we had come along way since the first meeting. Matt Rink, Bland Hoke and Justin Cross presented the two groups work, which culminated in many different Auto-CAD site plans, floor plans, renderings and virtual placement of the new bus shelter in the existing location. The next steps will be to organize a call for artists, submit applications for building permits, and meet with the code enforcement officer to move forward with the project.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


COTTA (Community Outreach Through The Arts) is moving forward. Working collaboratively with the Alfred State Architecture Club, we will be applying for construction and deconstruction permits to build a bus shelter. Flaunting a gabled roof with a hip, two pergola sections and ample are for art integration, the seim-final design is smokin! Soon to come-Public art meeting for interested artists. Sweet.