Thursday, May 15, 2008

BAP Sculpture

The proverbial buracratic bottleneck. Yes ladies and gents, I found myself smack dab in between those immovable walls, with no place to go, and then BAP!

The aforementioned is a recap of the previous week, and the challenges of attempting to install a large-scale sculpture in a public space. From public art board, to the Parks Department, to supervisors, and then administrators and then back to another board, I felt like a ping pong ball, richocheting off a ubiquitous wall of higher power.

Then Wayne Kackela, long time resident of Steamboat Springs and my fellow Art Buddy assisted me in finding a privately owned business to display my large-scale sculpture. We landed in front of BAP, or Bwear Action Products, where the I cajoled with Bill Gamber, the owner and former Ironman Triathlete, for a period of 2 minutes before he granted me permission to use his tree for my sculptural endeavor.

For more info on BAP, and an extra-special article check out:


sws said...

Unbelievable! I'll need to see this in person one day. Great! Thanks for sharing.

Liz Hoke said...

Nice!! And you in the newspaper... sweet!!

Elizabeth Watkins Gerner said...

That is really incredible! Wish you could do something that cool in front of Wasatch Running Center (Glen's store). Take care, cuz.