Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Alfred Plaza Project

For the past 3 weeks I have been in Alfred NY, facilitating the completion of the Alfred Plaza Project. Upon leaving, the timber frame structure was raised, 7 Corian® benches are on site, and the project is now fully funded from a fund-raising bonanza.

More info on the project-

To sum it up, I believe this project will be a catalyst for continued collaboration between Alfred University and Alfred State College. The two schools have tremendous capabilities in terms of applied skills, conceptual strongholds and a creative broth of students that are capable of doing just about anything. It will be exciting to see how Alfred melds and morphs in the coming years.

Currently I am in Toledo Ohio, traveling west to Steamboat Springs with 90 stainless steel Volant Skis on my roof. I will be staying at Marabou Ranch, working in a shop and delving into the sculptural capabilities of the skis while researching locally available waste/decommissioned/borrowable materials. This should be quite interesting!


Liz Hoke said...

Are you there yet? Did you make it safely with all your skis?!? I hope so and I hope CO will be fun!

steve said...

Holy Toledo! Nice timber framed vertical diaphragm Bland! Looks like fun. Probably spent some quality time with a chisel too eh? Have a good time out in Colorado. I'm sure there are quite a few things you could use 90 Volant Machetes for. A life time supply of rock skis if nothing else. It should be melting into a verdant spring soon. Keep up the good work and keep heading west to Cali!