Saturday, April 21, 2007


40 Lamp poles have plopped. The sculpture was constructed efficiently in under 15 hours. Thats very nice. Wasting time is not an option.

In the grand scheme of things, we caught these poles at the perfect time, between usable and unusable. A gray area where stuff is free because its is still in condition, and should be put to some use. They are like a fine wine for art purposes, aged to perfection. Pragmatism is paramount.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sore Shoulders are a Sign

60 lamp poles are heavy, but not too heavy for a UHaul. At 12,000 lbs, the poles take a full day's work to move around. Matt and I solicited the help of 2 people on loading and another 2 for unloading. In addition, we welded some pole carts together for efficiency's sake. There is a reason the wheel was such a hit back in the cave man days...

In addition to the 60 lamp poles that measurre 25 feet tall, Matt and I are making another sculpture from smaller 15 footers.

The sculpture is being constructed in a courtyard, and is viewable from three floors, and three sides of a building.

Matt and I set up a portable pole cutting station to size the poles to the same length. These cut-offs were then reused as the spacers that will elevate the poles to an almost standing orientation.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

USR Optonix phosphorescent pigment donation

For the Senior Shows of May 07 in Alfred Ny, travelers will be greeted by a sculpture spanning 250' across a field. Plotted on a subtle curve, described by 60 lamp poles forming 30 arches. If this is not enough, the sculpture will be lit at night by 6 arrays of high powered lights to charge up P-170 phosphorescent pigment provided by USR Optonix ( Their 'True Blue' material emits a beautiful neon blue color for upwards of 10 hours. Not only will the sculpture be aesthetically pleasing during the night, but it will also be safe for viewers to experience for the duration of its existence.

Visit for all the details on this exciting project.