Monday, December 03, 2007

Laid Back Wanaka

I have been presented a dillema. In the middle of the West Coast, another cyclist named Ian had a bit of advise to impart. He told me to avoid the journey from where I am now (Wanaka) across the dry and strait roads to Christchruch, and instead bike south. Perhaps the coast, or maybe to the most southerly point in the southern hemisphere. More on this later...

The transition between bush and dry country was almost instantaneous. I traveled east over the Alps via Haast Pass. The Gates of Haast ate me alive. This section of treacherous road passing over the raging river had an incline that I assume was illegal. Walking the bike was the only option, and after I had a cup of tea to calm the senses.

Things are wrapping up with the tour, and somewhere along the way I lost 2 days. Doh. Maybe the big 3k will be reached, but who knows..

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mcgregs said...

how you goin mate? us ians have good advice about new zealand's features. tramazing traveling begets baffelling blandscapes. keep truckin homie, and if you want, my dad is in wanaka right now and he would love to put you up for a night if you asked him. he lives in albert town just outside wanaka. you want more details and i shall pass them on to you. maybe one night you should try catching your dinner out of one of the steams in mossburn, south on 6, quite tasty. then you could even see the fijords. anyways, good luck homie and watch out for crazy kiwis confusing you for a possum on the road